Month: February 2016

The start of a new year

Exam stress is finally over and we can all settle back into our normal routine. This year, I’m not going to lie, I really felt a step up in the amount of work necessary for the exams especially noticing the

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From exams to immersive cinema

The first term of university combines a peculiar combination of timescales. On the one hand, the time seems to have sailed by – by the end of first term you’ve made solid friendships, you know your way around Bristol and

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A return to abnormality

It was a bittersweet return to Bristol after Christmas; A very joyous reunion with my friends was had, then we quickly rushed off to our respective rooms to continue the arduous process of revision. The exams went decent and it

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Back in Bristol

After a busy summer of Glastonbury Festival and travelling to China and Vietnam, I returned to Bristol on September 1st. With eager anticipation to see my friends and to crack on with third year, I was keen to get back

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This New Year

This new year started off quite differently to last, rather than frantically making superhero badges for themed club events, and trying to guess who the next person to turn up in the flat would be, I arrived to my flat

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Back in Hilly Bristol

Returning to the hilly landscape of Bristol was long-awaited over my summer. Although it was great to be back in London seeing friends and family, the freedom and exciting experiences awaiting me in Bristol were always at the back of

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Adjusting to Second Year

After a long and busy summer of working, relaxing and – excitingly – moving into my new house in Redland, I was certainly eager to start my second year of studies. Having been back for a few weeks now, I

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October in Bristol

They say ‘home is where the heart is’, although I would have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong, there is no better feeling than being around your most loved family and friends. However, that feeling is closely followed by an

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Staring out in Bristol

Having moved from my hometown of Milton Keynes, where the most exciting thing about the place is the number of roundabouts, Bristol has amazed me by offering so much to do. Granted, one of these events was an extremely slow

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Bristol – the return

I’m finally back, yay! After a very long summer of being away, I can honestly say I was overjoyed to be returning. The prospects of living in a new house with eight of my best friends seemed like a dream.

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