Month: November 2014

Moving to Bristol, Freshers’ Fair and ‘Deep Classics’

I’ve always found that good things tend to happen when out of your comfort zone, so I was a little excited to move to a new city on my lonesome. I say on my own, actually two of my friends

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Medieval English Lifestyles and Christianity and Islam

Hello! Already well into my first term of second year, I have been studying a variety of topics across the subject of history. In first term we are required to take two lecture response units. This involves a two-hour, weekly

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What I’m studying this year

My third year started on 27 September, officially marking the beginning of the end for my University of Bristol adventure. This thought fills me with a mixture of sadness and excitement, as although I struggle to believe that this is

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My final year at Bristol

I am graduating in the summer so I expect that I will be working pretty hard this year. A large portion of my grade is down to a 12,000 word dissertation, which seems like a daunting task, due in at

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All change for my second year

After moving in to my new house in July, I looked forward to a couple of months break before my second year at Bristol began. First thing to do was to get to know my new surroundings. I hadn’t moved

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How my final year compares to previous years

For History of Art this term, I am taking ‘American Art and Identity’ and ‘Art in Russia and the Soviet Union’. Individually I’m finding them both very interesting. But they also complement each other very well, as I’m learning about the cultural

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Reflecting on my third year so far

Last week was reading week, which means that I have no lectures or seminars and, therefore, I have time to reflect on the term so far. Undoubtedly, I have been far busier than I was in the first and second

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Making progress with my dissertation

Term is now in full swing after a long relaxing summer, and my dissertation is coming along fairly well. I’m looking at how the landscape affects the way we remember and memorialise the past, with Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol

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