Month: December 2014

Looking Back

First term has passed in a frantic blur. I can’t believe Christmas is nearly upon us. I am not prepared in any capacity! I have spent most of autumn semester trying to balance my academic and extra-curricular activities and hopefully

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Russian Art and Christmas Ducks

The end of term brings a lot of relief as well as a hint of sadness. I’ve enjoyed both my units on American and Russian art hugely, both being taken by hugely engaging lecturers. However, a break is certainly in

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It’s Christmas!!

Ok, so I may have been pretending it’s Christmas since at least the beginning of November, but now it’s definitely acceptable to embrace the festive spirit. December is just such a lovely time in Bristol, with the lights lining Park

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Christmas is here!

It’s that time of year again, when the streets are thronged with Christmas shoppers, fairy lights are twinkling, and every social engagement has swapped a chilled glass of white for a hot mug of red: it’s Christmas! The lead up

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End of term

So we have finally reached the end of term one. I say finally because it was a gruelling last few weeks or so for me. I should probably start this off by saying that I am never usually ill –

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I love Christmas!

Christmas in Bristol is especially good as there’s a festive German market (perfect for having some mulled wine or freshly made doughnuts drizzled with melted chocolate!), a seasonal ice rink,and beautiful lights which make everything feel a little more magical.

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Life lessons freshers’ week taught me…

The first seven days of uni come laced with nerves and excitement; it can seem an odd mix when the car pulls up, bursting with bedding and fairy lights. But remember that thousands of students feel exactly the same; the

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Trojan tragedies, Ciceronian complaints, and Persian “decadence”

The first few weeks of my final year have rushed by in a whirlwind of Trojan tragedies, Ciceronian complaints, and Persian “decadence”; all this coupled with the delights of trawling through graduate training schemes and Master’s courses. That said, I’m

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