Month: January 2015

Looking Ahead to Spring

Having finished my exams, I am now starting to look ahead to the new teaching block and I am looking forward to starting my new modules. This term I am taking modules called Victorian Sex and Sexuality and Filming the

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Back to Bristol …

The University has finally returned to its usual bustling state, as students are looking towards the new term. The streets have felt a bit empty for the last few weeks, as most students take advantage of home cooking/ washing for

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Settling back home

Looking back on my first term of university was a strange sensation. The time we’ve spent here has flown by and yet, by the end of last term, I felt settled enough in my group of friends and routine that

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Into the new Term

Coming to the end of the Autumn Term, I found myself more and more grateful of the University bus service and ski thermals. You would not believe how bitterly cold Bristol can be in the mornings; beautiful, but totally freezing.

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End of Term

In what feels like no time at all, we have reached the end of term. Two essays have been submitted, and the pressure is now on to revise for exams whilst simultaneously making progress with my dissertation. Sifting through Cicero’s

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