Month: June 2015

Goodbye Cicero …

Last term flew by, largely thanks to our dissertation deadline. I spent most of May in cafes near the university, consuming inordinate amounts of coffee (and sushi, for some strange reason). Holding the bound and printed copy of one’s work

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One Third Gone

First year went by far too quickly. I blinked and it was over. Now I am one third of the way through my undergraduate career, a fact I am simultaneously proud and scared of. I am pretty sure that this

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End of the road

So I should definitely start by holding my hands up: my title is not strictly original, having been borrowed from the literary greats that are Boyz II Men. However, if I have taken anything from studying English at Bristol, it’s

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Missing it already …

Somehow my degree is over, and I still can’t quite believe it. My student card (and, unfortunately, my student discount) runs out in 7 days. Eek! The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur what with the

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Well, it’s over

Exams have been sat (they went okay, thanks for asking), moving plans – or non-moving plans for me – have been arranged, summer has been sorted. I’m not doing much. Doing some writing, going home for a bit, couple 21st

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But life moves on …

Life after university is fast approaching and I feel that although I am ready to leave in many ways it is still pretty daunting to be finally leaving education after 17 years of school/ college/ university. I am very lucky

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Approaching the End

“My final year at Bristol University has been the most rewarding year of my life so far. The work has been harder, and I have been rather stressed at the prospect of getting a job post-graduation, and there was the

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The End of An Era

Two weeks after my final exam, I am still finding it difficult to contemplate that I have finished my degree! However, I am also very excited about what the future (and, more immediately, the summer) has in store. In my

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