Month: October 2016

Returning as a third year!

Hi, I’m Lauren, a Religion and Theology third year student! During my first year I lived in accommodation in the City Centre, and I have lived on Whiteladies Road for the past two years. I am a member of a

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Back in Bristol

The first week of second year was so vastly different from that of first year that September 2015 almost seems like a different age. Twelve months ago everything was new; I was living in a tower of two hundred strangers

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Returning for my third year

Returning to Bristol for my third and final year is a bittersweet experience. I love Bristol and I am excited to be back but the fact that this is my last year studying here is pretty sad. What’s most upsetting

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New year, new me

“New year, new me” was perhaps the most bandied about phrase as our classical studies class met for cocktails. People promised to work harder, go to the gym and to go to more societies. I myself fell under two of

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Returning to a Degree in English (and Juggling…)

Two weeks in and uni life is already jam-packed! (In a good way I have to add). Being Vice-President of a society means Fresher’s Week was crammed full of emailing, organising and painting signs – because who doesn’t love a

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Returning for my third year!

Looming over this summer has been those big two words – Third Year. Capital T, capital Y. It’s the one everyone talks about, fears, fixates on. And then all of a sudden it kicks off and you realise it’s actually

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I’m back for my second year

I’ve returned to my second year in Bristol after spending the summer in America as a camp counsellor. But now it’s great to be back in Bristol, this time I’m living in Clifton. I’ve moved in to a cosy little

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I’m back!

I’m back! I am just about starting my first week back at Bristol after a very long, relaxing, and busy summer holiday. I have moved out of my 2nd year house in Redland to a much smaller flat with three

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