Month: November 2016

Back to Bristol- Hello Third Year!

  After a lovely few months at home for the Summer Vacation, it is really nice to be back in Bristol for my third and final year. I can’t believe that my three years as an undergraduate at Bristol are almost

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The hectic third year

The first term of the third year of a degree is definitely a lot busier than I thought it would be! I have had one essay deadline so far and another deadline coming up in two weeks, and combined with that

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Going to academic talks

I have started going to academic talks. I suppose it is never too late to take up skydiving and learn Chinese but these days History is all encompassing. Every second year student must take the ‘rethinking history’ unit, which challenges

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‘Down it fresher’

‘Down it fresher’ – the three famous words deeply embedded into the minds of us first years, thanks to sports socials and general exploration of Bristol’s vibrant nightlife. Not only have these past six weeks been exciting and eye-opening, but

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Progress in the first year

So first year is underway and we’re already one essay in with another due next week. Hopefully a lot of you achieved the grade you wanted, but if felt you could have done a bit better (like me), there’s no

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Classes, social life, societies etc.

We are a month or so into term now and student life is in full swing! It’s been a busy few weeks for me, having to balance lectures, assignments, editing for Epigram as well as Co-directing a full-length theatre production.

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First term seems to be flying by and already it is Reading Week!

It’s a very welcome opportunity to catch up on work, do some extra reading and visit home for a few days. I’ve booked tickets to see the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy which I’m very excited for, particularly

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Has it only been 6 weeks?!

So far it seems to have been how much can you cram into a month and a half? The answer: more than you could imagine! Since my last post I have written coursework, celebrated my 21st birthday, organised society competitions, done so much sports training,

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