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Returning for my third year

Returning to Bristol for my third and final year is a bittersweet experience. I love Bristol and I am excited to be back but the fact that this is my last year studying here is pretty sad. What’s most upsetting

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New year, new me

“New year, new me” was perhaps the most bandied about phrase as our classical studies class met for cocktails. People promised to work harder, go to the gym and to go to more societies. I myself fell under two of

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This New Year

This new year started off quite differently to last, rather than frantically making superhero badges for themed club events, and trying to guess who the next person to turn up in the flat would be, I arrived to my flat

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Back in Hilly Bristol

Returning to the hilly landscape of Bristol was long-awaited over my summer. Although it was great to be back in London seeing friends and family, the freedom and exciting experiences awaiting me in Bristol were always at the back of

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Goodbye Cicero …

Last term flew by, largely thanks to our dissertation deadline. I spent most of May in cafes near the university, consuming inordinate amounts of coffee (and sushi, for some strange reason). Holding the bound and printed copy of one’s work

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One Third Gone

First year went by far too quickly. I blinked and it was over. Now I am one third of the way through my undergraduate career, a fact I am simultaneously proud and scared of. I am pretty sure that this

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The Big Chill and BVDA

Term is busy as ever and as well as work I’m currently fundraising for Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad which is a charity set up by a Bristol student who had a passion for international sustainable development that myself and

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Looking forward …

With exams finally over, I’m looking forward to starting my new units for this term: I’ll be studying women in Greek tragedy in one unit, and the Roman philosopher Lucretius and his effects on later philosophical thinkers in the other.

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Work Smart and Stay Ahead

I’m beginning to understand the concept of working smart rather than working hard and so approaching the start of Teaching Block 2, I have two resolutions. The first is to stay ahead of the reading schedule, particularly for the Ancient

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Into the new Term

Coming to the end of the Autumn Term, I found myself more and more grateful of the University bus service and ski thermals. You would not believe how bitterly cold Bristol can be in the mornings; beautiful, but totally freezing.

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