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End of Term

In what feels like no time at all, we have reached the end of term. Two essays have been submitted, and the pressure is now on to revise for exams whilst simultaneously making progress with my dissertation. Sifting through Cicero’s

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Trojan tragedies, Ciceronian complaints, and Persian “decadence”

The first few weeks of my final year have rushed by in a whirlwind of Trojan tragedies, Ciceronian complaints, and Persian “decadence”; all this coupled with the delights of trawling through graduate training schemes and Master’s courses. That said, I’m

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Moving to Bristol, Freshers’ Fair and ‘Deep Classics’

I’ve always found that good things tend to happen when out of your comfort zone, so I was a little excited to move to a new city on my lonesome. I say on my own, actually two of my friends

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