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Exam Month

The month has been Exam Month. Capital E and a capital M. For an English student this can mean something slightly different than for a cellular and molecular scientist, a medic or a lawyer. At Bristol, exams are run very

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Time for exams!

The weather is improving and summer is approaching, which means it must be time for exams! I have a coursework deadline looming and an exam for my course as well as listening, oral and writing exams in Spanish which I

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New Year

It is not difficult at all to ease back into university life after the Christmas break. My flat-mates had not changed in the absence, as I had feared, and everything continues. The struggle to find a house for next year

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A hectic Spring

The last few weeks have been somewhat hectic, down entirely to my own doing. I’m finding myself in the chronic habit of having ‘eyes bigger than my timetable’! In the last few weeks I’ve had an essay due, three shows

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Staring out in Bristol

Having moved from my hometown of Milton Keynes, where the most exciting thing about the place is the number of roundabouts, Bristol has amazed me by offering so much to do. Granted, one of these events was an extremely slow

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Hitting the ground running …

Returning to Bristol for second year brings with it a variety of emotions. It is somehow as daunting as arriving for the first time exactly a year ago! Knowing that this is the year where all your work counts towards

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Back to Bristol

After a slow and not-too-warm summer, I returned to Bristol on September 1st. I knew that this final year would be a hectic one, what with being on two committees and with a dissertation and all, so I came back

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The End

The end of term came with a flurry of activity, end of exams, end of first year and beginning of summer. It was a week of the final ball, the final show and final goodbye to our little flat in

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End of the road

So I should definitely start by holding my hands up: my title is not strictly original, having been borrowed from the literary greats that are Boyz II Men. However, if I have taken anything from studying English at Bristol, it’s

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Well, it’s over

Exams have been sat (they went okay, thanks for asking), moving plans – or non-moving plans for me – have been arranged, summer has been sorted. I’m not doing much. Doing some writing, going home for a bit, couple 21st

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