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Exams are coming

Exam time is almost here; fortunately, I only have one this year! Lectures and seminars are winding down in preparation for revision break, which will begin in a week’s time. I have about two weeks to prepare for my exam,

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Spring is here!

Bristol is a beautiful city, particularly in the sunshine, so spring is one of my favourite times of the year! It’s lovely to be able to sit in the sun, or grab a drink at a pub with friends, after

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Happy Christmas

It’s the end of first term, and I feel very much in need of a break! The last few weeks have been taken up with revision for the 24-hour exam which I have just completed. Although it sounds scary, I found

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First term seems to be flying by and already it is Reading Week!

It’s a very welcome opportunity to catch up on work, do some extra reading and visit home for a few days. I’ve booked tickets to see the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy which I’m very excited for, particularly

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Back After Easter

After the Easter holidays, I greeted my return to Bristol with open arms (and a bag full of uneaten Easter eggs). This last term of first year has arrived extraordinarily quickly, leaving me and my friends wondering, where has the

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October in Bristol

They say ‘home is where the heart is’, although I would have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong, there is no better feeling than being around your most loved family and friends. However, that feeling is closely followed by an

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Dissertations … and reflections

Third year has proven to be relentlessly busy. I’m very aware that as soon as my dissertation is handed in in a month I need to get right on to revising for my exams. My dissertation is starting to come

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New term underway

So I’ve begun the final term of my final year! Exams were tough, and the experience of doing them really underlined how important it is to keep up a constant and disciplined workflow in second year; as soon as the

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Russian Art and Christmas Ducks

The end of term brings a lot of relief as well as a hint of sadness. I’ve enjoyed both my units on American and Russian art hugely, both being taken by hugely engaging lecturers. However, a break is certainly in

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How my final year compares to previous years

For History of Art this term, I am taking ‘American Art and Identity’ and ‘Art in Russia and the Soviet Union’. Individually I’m finding them both very interesting. But they also complement each other very well, as I’m learning about the cultural

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