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Summer Exams

Unsurprisingly, the Summer exams are never front and centre of the department’s glossy advertising. Therefore, I thought I’d lay out a short guide  to everyone who hasn’t experienced the Bristol way of doing things. 1-In the revision period it’s always

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When Spring comes to Bristol, everyone’s mood lifts and daffodils are just about everywhere where there’s soil for them to grow! Bristol is such a beautiful city in spring, and I try to spend as much time outside appreciating the

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The Spring term

This term I am studying two very interesting modules. The first, ‘History in Public’, is extremely eye-opening with regards to revealing how history is present in everyday life. We are currently looking at history’s role in politics and the media.

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Lesson learned

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so nervous to hand in an essay in my life. What should have been an essay in a subject that I felt quite confident about turned into a rush until the very last minute.

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Happy Christmas

First term is over and I am not entirely sure where it went… Although lectures have finished, the majority of history students are still lingering in Bristol trying to make some good progress on dissertation research. Compared to the past two years of

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The hectic third year

The first term of the third year of a degree is definitely a lot busier than I thought it would be! I have had one essay deadline so far and another deadline coming up in two weeks, and combined with that

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Going to academic talks

I have started going to academic talks. I suppose it is never too late to take up skydiving and learn Chinese but these days History is all encompassing. Every second year student must take the ‘rethinking history’ unit, which challenges

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‘Down it fresher’

‘Down it fresher’ – the three famous words deeply embedded into the minds of us first years, thanks to sports socials and general exploration of Bristol’s vibrant nightlife. Not only have these past six weeks been exciting and eye-opening, but

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Progress in the first year

So first year is underway and we’re already one essay in with another due next week. Hopefully a lot of you achieved the grade you wanted, but if felt you could have done a bit better (like me), there’s no

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Back in Bristol

The first week of second year was so vastly different from that of first year that September 2015 almost seems like a different age. Twelve months ago everything was new; I was living in a tower of two hundred strangers

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