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I’m back!

I’m back! I am just about starting my first week back at Bristol after a very long, relaxing, and busy summer holiday. I have moved out of my 2nd year house in Redland to a much smaller flat with three

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A return to abnormality

It was a bittersweet return to Bristol after Christmas; A very joyous reunion with my friends was had, then we quickly rushed off to our respective rooms to continue the arduous process of revision. The exams went decent and it

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Adjusting to Second Year

After a long and busy summer of working, relaxing and – excitingly – moving into my new house in Redland, I was certainly eager to start my second year of studies. Having been back for a few weeks now, I

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Third Year = Fear Year

As J.P puts it in Fresh Meat “Third year is fear year” and whilst he may be exaggerating slightly, pressure certainly has increased in my final year. Having had a great summer, with the high point being watching the man,

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2nd year: you had just begun and now you’ve gone and ended all again

Comparing my second year to Queen’s celebrated anthem ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ may be stretching it slightly, but I have to admit it has been a brilliant year. Life at University always seems to pass so much faster than you can ever

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Missing it already …

Somehow my degree is over, and I still can’t quite believe it. My student card (and, unfortunately, my student discount) runs out in 7 days. Eek! The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur what with the

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The End of An Era

Two weeks after my final exam, I am still finding it difficult to contemplate that I have finished my degree! However, I am also very excited about what the future (and, more immediately, the summer) has in store. In my

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Keep Calm and Finish the Dissertation!

Easter is almost here, which provides me with an opportunity to look back at the term and think about what I have achieved. The two modules that I have been taking are really interesting. I think Victorian Sex and Sexuality

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Nearing the end!

This term has been jam-packed with goings on. I have been helping at all of the post offer visit days (as one of the smiling people in the fetching red t-shirts.) I always really enjoy the opportunity to talk about

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Second term at University is always regrettably a stressful one due to the dreaded examination period. Exam season is the not the kind of season where leaves fall off trees or flowers begin to bloom. Exam season is the type

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