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Almost there!

Almost There! It’s been an extremely busy few weeks! I’m so happy to say that I have submitted my dissertation! After months of hard work, it was a big relief to hand it in. I’ve taken a few days off

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New year and new term

Bye-Bye Exams!… January exams are over! Exam season is always a challenging time, especially as I tend to get very nervous. Luckily, through experience, and through some advice that the university provides, I have been able to manage my exam nerves and

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It’s been a very long and tiring few weeks! There have been so many deadlines to keep up with! Third year is proving to be extremely busy, there is so much going on. Now that lectures have finished, it’s time to

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Back to Bristol- Hello Third Year!

  After a lovely few months at home for the Summer Vacation, it is really nice to be back in Bristol for my third and final year. I can’t believe that my three years as an undergraduate at Bristol are almost

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Returning as a third year!

Hi, I’m Lauren, a Religion and Theology third year student! During my first year I lived in accommodation in the City Centre, and I have lived on Whiteladies Road for the past two years. I am a member of a

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Term two of third year has been one of the busiest times of my life. Trying to balance everything has been a bit of a struggle, but I guess that is what third year is about. Over Christmas I decided

Back in Bristol

After a busy summer of Glastonbury Festival and travelling to China and Vietnam, I returned to Bristol on September 1st. With eager anticipation to see my friends and to crack on with third year, I was keen to get back

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Bristol – the return

I’m finally back, yay! After a very long summer of being away, I can honestly say I was overjoyed to be returning. The prospects of living in a new house with eight of my best friends seemed like a dream.

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But life moves on …

Life after university is fast approaching and I feel that although I am ready to leave in many ways it is still pretty daunting to be finally leaving education after 17 years of school/ college/ university. I am very lucky

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Approaching the End

“My final year at Bristol University has been the most rewarding year of my life so far. The work has been harder, and I have been rather stressed at the prospect of getting a job post-graduation, and there was the

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