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Dissertation Drive

This month I have been on a big push to get my dissertation first draft finished. Although I am not quite on target to have finished this by the end of March I am finally starting to get the hang

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Two units (and a dissertation) until graduation

I have quite a lot of things to do until I take my final ever university exams at the end of May/ beginning of June. The big thing is keeping up with my dissertation, as I think last term I

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I love Christmas!

Christmas in Bristol is especially good as there’s a festive German market (perfect for having some mulled wine or freshly made doughnuts drizzled with melted chocolate!), a seasonal ice rink,and beautiful lights which make everything feel a little more magical.

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My final year at Bristol

I am graduating in the summer so I expect that I will be working pretty hard this year. A large portion of my grade is down to a 12,000 word dissertation, which seems like a daunting task, due in at

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