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The start of a new year

Exam stress is finally over and we can all settle back into our normal routine. This year, I’m not going to lie, I really felt a step up in the amount of work necessary for the exams especially noticing the

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From exams to immersive cinema

The first term of university combines a peculiar combination of timescales. On the one hand, the time seems to have sailed by – by the end of first term you’ve made solid friendships, you know your way around Bristol and

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Looking forward …

With exams finally over, I’m looking forward to starting my new units for this term: I’ll be studying women in Greek tragedy in one unit, and the Roman philosopher Lucretius and his effects on later philosophical thinkers in the other.

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Back to Bristol …

The University has finally returned to its usual bustling state, as students are looking towards the new term. The streets have felt a bit empty for the last few weeks, as most students take advantage of home cooking/ washing for

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