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Summer Exams

Unsurprisingly, the Summer exams are never front and centre of the department’s glossy advertising. Therefore, I thought I’d lay out a short guide  to everyone who hasn’t experienced the Bristol way of doing things. 1-In the revision period it’s always

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The Spring term

This term I am studying two very interesting modules. The first, ‘History in Public’, is extremely eye-opening with regards to revealing how history is present in everyday life. We are currently looking at history’s role in politics and the media.

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Going to academic talks

I have started going to academic talks. I suppose it is never too late to take up skydiving and learn Chinese but these days History is all encompassing. Every second year student must take the ‘rethinking history’ unit, which challenges

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Back in Bristol

The first week of second year was so vastly different from that of first year that September 2015 almost seems like a different age. Twelve months ago everything was new; I was living in a tower of two hundred strangers

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A return to abnormality

It was a bittersweet return to Bristol after Christmas; A very joyous reunion with my friends was had, then we quickly rushed off to our respective rooms to continue the arduous process of revision. The exams went decent and it

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