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Exams are coming

Exam time is almost here; fortunately, I only have one this year! Lectures and seminars are winding down in preparation for revision break, which will begin in a week’s time. I have about two weeks to prepare for my exam,

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Spring is here!

Bristol is a beautiful city, particularly in the sunshine, so spring is one of my favourite times of the year! It’s lovely to be able to sit in the sun, or grab a drink at a pub with friends, after

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Happy Christmas

It’s the end of first term, and I feel very much in need of a break! The last few weeks have been taken up with revision for the 24-hour exam which I have just completed. Although it sounds scary, I found

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First term seems to be flying by and already it is Reading Week!

It’s a very welcome opportunity to catch up on work, do some extra reading and visit home for a few days. I’ve booked tickets to see the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy which I’m very excited for, particularly

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