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Spring has arrived!

We’ve had some truly gorgeous weather in Bristol recently which unfortunately seemed to appear when I was working all day at my part-time waitressing job. It might be the most depressing thing in the world to be inside looking out

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I’m back for my second year

I’ve returned to my second year in Bristol after spending the summer in America as a camp counsellor. But now it’s great to be back in Bristol, this time I’m living in Clifton. I’ve moved in to a cosy little

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Bye for Now!

First year has been absolutely great; I’ve been very lucky with my flatmates and the friends I’ve made, the course has been interesting and enjoyable, and I’ve fallen in love with Bristol. I will miss it over the summer but

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Time for exams!

The weather is improving and summer is approaching, which means it must be time for exams! I have a coursework deadline looming and an exam for my course as well as listening, oral and writing exams in Spanish which I

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New Year

It is not difficult at all to ease back into university life after the Christmas break. My flat-mates had not changed in the absence, as I had feared, and everything continues. The struggle to find a house for next year

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Staring out in Bristol

Having moved from my hometown of Milton Keynes, where the most exciting thing about the place is the number of roundabouts, Bristol has amazed me by offering so much to do. Granted, one of these events was an extremely slow

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