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Spring is here!

Spinning into Easter The final term has begun! Easter is fast approaching and before I know it I would have finished my second year! After amicably saying goodbye to Chaucer, I have started my Literature 2 unit and become acquainted with

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Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas! This is the time of year where my age is read backwards and I regress to a 12-year-old child… I’m finally heading home to see my family after a hectic term – cue Chris Rea’s “Driving

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Has it only been 6 weeks?!

So far it seems to have been how much can you cram into a month and a half? The answer: more than you could imagine! Since my last post I have written coursework, celebrated my 21st birthday, organised society competitions, done so much sports training,

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Returning to a Degree in English (and Juggling…)

Two weeks in and uni life is already jam-packed! (In a good way I have to add). Being Vice-President of a society means Fresher’s Week was crammed full of emailing, organising and painting signs – because who doesn’t love a

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